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You are in the preview group for the current draft of a 21st Century Act for Secrecy of (digital) Correspondence and Freedom of (digital) Association.

Its purpose is to demonstrate that such a legislation is possible if only the political will existed. The technical feasibility has been proven, although a finished product is yet to be seen. But that is one of the reasons for such a regulation proposal, to create the incentive to create a Next Generation Internet out of the existing building blocks.

We must expect some industry lobbies to disagree, at least as long as it takes for them to realize that the outcome of this regulation would actually be to the advantage of the large majority of industry as it tackles the current conditions of monopolization.

A legislation proposal is a working document of a parliament. It frequently starts from a rough idea and by political exchange and refinement by law professionals ripens into something that can be put into actual law. This document represents some in-between state.

It is meant as a contribution to the public discourse, that it is not enough to sit and stare and wait for some public excuses.

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